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Enchantingly Hikkaduwa – Travel to Sri Lanka

With golden sand adorning the coast and energetic waves splashing about, Hikkaduwa is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Sri Lanka. With tall palms swaying in the breeze, and the sun shining through the soft white clouds, this truly is paradise in the tropics. Hikka is known for its coral reefs, of vivid colors painting the world under the sea. Home to schools of vibrantly colored fish, the reef provides an incredible diving experience that you’ll fall in love with.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

With a reputation for surfing, and a safe haven to the water sport freaks, Hikkaduwa is certainly one of the best spots for you to dance in the water! Diving into the turquoise waters, and swim with the incredibly beautiful fish! Find turtles that glide by you, and get ready to be mesmerized by the corals! Go parasailing, kayaking and even sailing!

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka - diving

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka – diving

Weather and Distance to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is blessed with a blissful sun that’ll give you an incredible tan any time of the year! The warmth of the sun and the breeze along with the cool water of the sea shall be a great combo!

Route from Colombo to Hikkaduwa

Route from Colombo to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa proudly stands in the south of Sri Lanka, 98 km away from the current capital, Colombo. It’s a 1. 45h drive from Colombo via the Southern Expy/ E01.

What to do in Hikkaduwa

                1.Jump into the gorgeously turquoise ocean!

Hikkaduwa is home to a beautiful coastline that you’ll fall in love with! Try surfing in these beautiful waves that’ll carry you on! Have a glorious bath in the ocean! You’ll love this incredible beach! It has a slightly warm temperature and it is perfect for swimming even for beginners as it’s not that deep. Try kayaking, parasailing, head off in a glass bottomed boat and explore the coral reefs!

Hikkaduwa beach

Hikkaduwa beach


Hikkaduwa is most renowned for its stunning coral reefs that adorn the destination! With corals of different amazing colors, it shall be an incredible experience for you! Swim with turtles and the schools of vividly colored fish that’ll pass through you! You might even get to swim the dolphins and the whales if you are lucky! There are special islets that specialize in this and you’ll definitely fall in love and probably wouldn’t want to come back up!

Diving in Hikkaduwa

Diving in Hikkaduwa

               3.Rent a bike and explore

One of the best things you can do is ride a bike into the sunset. It’s one of the most popular things to do, and there are many places that rent out bikes so you can explore! While this is fun, it is also really educational as you ride around the town learning about the livelihoods of the people.

                 4. Get a massage!

What’s a tropical holiday without a message to relax and unwind?! Hikka offers a range of places that specializes in Ayurvedic massages. With Sri Lankan herbs and techniques, this shall be a very unique experience for you! There are head massages and full body massages with oils of the tropics you probably didn’t even know existed!

                  5.Visit the coral sanctuary

Hikkaduwa is loved by many because of incredible corals that grow here! With bright colors that stretch over the reef this is a sight that’s special to this place. Sure you wouldn’t want to miss that!

Corals- Hikkaduwa

Corals- Hikkaduwa


Places to stay

There’s a wide range of hotels and resorts in Hikkaduwa considering this was one of the oldest, and most popular tourist sites of Sri Lanka. There’s a wide range of prices, and you can choose whatever you please that goes from as cheap as 10$ to a 5 star resort according to your budget! There are plenty of places which offer amazing accommodation for a cheap price!

Citrus, Hikkaduwa

Citrus, Hikkaduwa


This amazing destination features some of the best seafood in all of Sri Lanka. Enriched with the spices of the country, you will fall in love with the incredible food that is offered here. Not only authentic Sri Lankan food, several resorts feature international cuisines that you can choose from!

Food, Hikka

Food, Hikka

Hikkaduwa is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit in this world, so hurry and book a flight to Sri Lanka now and have your dream tropical vacation!

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Tropical paradise, Arugam bay, Sri Lanka

Sapphire waters hitting the soft sandy beaches and tall palms shading you from the sunny sun that’s perfect for a beautiful tan, resonates the tropical beauty of Arugam bay, Sri Lanka. Renowned as one of the best surf beaches in the world, Arugam bay is the perfect spot for a real tropical adventure! The chill, laid back vibes in addition to amazing food choices make this destination even more special!

Arugam bay

Arugam bay, Sri Lanka.

Weather and Distance to Arugam bay

Arugam bay is beautifully sunlit, with cool breeze sweeping around your hair. Also, it’s one of the best spots in all of Sri Lanka to relax and unwind. In addition to all this, it has a wide range of activities to embark on, not just surfing but wildlife related as well.

The bay is 320 kilometers (200 miles) east of Colombo, the current capital.

Map to Arugam bay

Map from Colombo to Arugam bay.

What to do in Arugam bay

First of all, if you are a water sports freak, Arugam bay is your halcyon! Turquoise waves that carry you with the wind in your hair, surfing is the most popular sport! Doesn’t matter if you’re not so much of a surfer! Have as much as fun! You can go scuba diving and swim with the stunning creatures under the sea. You can also swim with the dolphins and another activity you might be interested in would be whale watching!



  1. Visit Kumana

Kumana is a national park renowned throughout the world for its avifauna as well as endemic species. You can take an adventure to while you are in Arugam bay. Trek the beautiful tropical forests and see the amazing wildlife!

Kumana, Arugambay

Kumana national park. Watch the avifauna.

Elephants at Kumana

Sri Lankan Elephants, Kumuna National park.

  1. Rent a bike

You can rent bikes and ride all around Arugam bay! It’s one of the best experiences to see Sri Lanka lifestyles as well as to ride along the stunning beach sides!


Rent a bike and rise to your fill!

  1. Get a massage

You can relax and unwind with an amazing massage after a tiring day. You can get Sri Lankan therapies as well which is another popular retreat.


  1. Yoga classes

Take a yoga class! There’ll be nothing better than doing yoga by the beach side looking at the waves crashing!


  1. Sunsets.

At the end of the day, observe the beauty of the sunsets.


Where to stay

Arugam bay is home to many five star resorts as well as beach guest houses due to its prominent tourist attraction. Because it promotes accommodating tourists of all sorts of budgets, you can find a great place to stay. With prices ranging from as low as 10 dollars to as high as five-star resorts, you can take your pick!


Bay vista hotel.


Hideaway resort.

Most noteworthy is the food of Arugam bay! With delicious Sri Lankan seafood, there’s a large variety of curries and rice to choose from! Also, it offers a wide range of world cuisines to choose from as well!


Sri Lankan food.

In conclusion, Arugam bay is the perfect vacation spot for you. Book your tickets now and start your escape to the tropical paradise!

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