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Adam’s Peak, a Spiritual Journey in the Tropics

Adam’s peak, the magnificent giant standing in the central highlands of Sri Lanka is a nature’s gift to the Sri Lankans. Majestically standing while ethereal mist surrounds it and makes it a stunning sight for everyone to see and it is one of the most beautiful places of worship in Sri Lanka. Adam’s peak also known as Sri Pada (Sacred footprint) is believed to be the footprint of the Lord Buddha by the Buddhists. The Hindus believe it’s the footprint of Shiva, and in Islamic and Christian faiths; they believe it to be of Adam’s. Even though there are different beliefs, people from around the world climb this mountainous giant with the same veneration. Embark on a breathtaking adventure into the mountains!

Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Most noteworthy of this climb is the rapport and kindness shared by people of all religions. Also it’s a very inspiring sight to see all climb this tiring route as one.

There’s a special pilgrimage season, from December to May (Uduwap Poya – Wesak Poya) which is the safest time to climb. The crowd increases in the season of January to February.

Weather and Distance to Adam’s peak

As the ascension goes on, the colder the route gets. Cool breeze runs along the faces of the climbers as the route goes on and on. And as you go on, you can see the picturesque sceneries of the country.

The Adam’s peak stands 144 kms away from the current capital, Colombo.

Route to Adam's peak

What to do at Adam’s peak

            1. Hike up to the Peak

First of all, you can make the climb to the peak, and witness the beauty of the climb. It’s said to be the most rewarding and tiring climb. Due to its beauty in ascension, it attracts many tourists as well as locals to attempt to conquer the climb. While this is a religious pilgrimage, it is also an adventure trek in the tropics.

  1. Visit the National Museum of Rathnapura.

Rathnapura which is where this giant stands close by to is renowned for its gems and minerals. The museum is one of the best museums is Sri Lanka, and has many fossilized remains of many animals as well as civilizations of the prehistoric era.


  1. Rathnapura Gem Bureau and Museum.

Visit and purchase amazing gems and minerals from the museums!

  1. Pompakelle Forest Park.

Visit the tropical forests of Sri Lanka and experience wildlife and beautiful fauna around you as you trek.

What to see

You can witness the most beautiful sunrise and sunset at the peak of Adam. Hence it’s known to be a magical sight. While so many people climb for spiritual reasons, you can climb the mountain as an adventure as well. Since it’s now renovated to receive the large crowd, you’d be very comfortable traveling!


You can also see the influence of religion as well as veneration that runs along with it. It’s a very spiritually cleansing experience.


Where to stay.

After the climb, you can accommodate yourself at the halls that are designed for the travelers to stay at, and also there are many resorts and hotels to accommodate your stay! Starting from as low as 10$- 350$, you have a wide range of choices to suit your budget.



You can also experience the amazing Sri Lankan cuisine with its spices and you probably will fall in love with it!

In conclusion, Adam’s peak is definitely a destination you wouldn’t want to miss! Therefore, book your tickets now and head on for a spiritual journey in beautiful Sri Lanka.

Nilaveli Beach, your escape to paradise – Travel Sri Lanka

With a long stretch of sandy beaches and the sapphire ocean kissing the shore while the tall palms sway with the breeze, Nilaveli is a stunning travel destination in the tropical paradise. Escape your busy lifestyle by venturing in these golden beaches and make some amazing memories in the lush heavenly destination!

If you are a water sports freak, Nilaveli is your ticket to bliss! Parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and whales, sailing and kayaking are some of the most famous activities you can partake in! Indulge in the laid back, chill vibes of this incredible place while having a cocktail in your hammock, right here in Nilaveli!

Beaches in Nilaveli

Weather and Distance to Nilaveli

Nilaveli is blessed with blissful sunny days where you can play in the sun and tan beautifully anytime of the year! Bring your bikinis and swimwear and jump into the ocean in this glorious heat!

Water sports in Nilaveli

Nilaveli is 278 km away from the current capital Colombo and stands about 16 kms away from Trincomalee.

 Map to Nilaveli

What to do in Nilaveli while traveling in Sri Lanka

  1. Jump into the turquoise waves of the cool ocean!

Nilaveli is renowned for its amazing beaches, and the many sports that go along with it! Go parasailing with your crew or take a lesson in surfing! You can go diving into the beautiful ocean and swim with the dolphins and whales as well. Also, observe the beautiful corals as well as the fish swimming around.

Turquoise waters of Nilaveli

You can also take a sailing class and ride with real fisherman and get a real experience of their lives. It shall enrich you with life lessons as well. While you go sailing, you might spot turtles as well!

Fishing lessons

  1. Visit the beautiful Pigeon Island!

Renowned for its avifauna, Pigeon Island is one of the top tourist destinations! Not only can you spot tropical bird species, you can also go snorkeling in and around the beautiful island. Also, you can also go diving, and this will probably be one of your most memorable events of this trip!

Pigeon Island

  1. Get a massage!

Sri Lanka is known for its Ayurvedic therapies. And what’s a tropical adventure without a massage! Relax and unwind in the tropics!

 Ayurvedic massages

  1. Rent a bike and travel around Nilaveli, Sri Lanka.

Riding a bike is a cheap and excellent way of enjoying your adventure while observing the livelihood around you!


  1. Rent a cabana!

Get a luxury wooden cabana and spend your tropical Sri Lankan travel adventure as tropical as possible!

Cabanas, Nilaweli

Things to see

  1. Wonderful beaches

Nilaveli is known for its beaches, so can go ahead and see the most beautiful coastline in the country!

  1. Kovils around Nilaveli

(I) Kandasamy Kovil

This is a highly venerated kovil and it shall present you with a cultural experience like never before. Beautiful chanting that resonates in the air shall give you a spiritual cleansing.

(II) Kali Kovil

This has a beautiful vibe that surrounds you as you witness the breathtaking gopuram, the best of all Trincos temples.


Places to stay

Nilaveli has a great number of resorts and guest houses that are ready to accommodate you at any price range you have to offer! From 5 star hotels starting from 450$ to guest houses to as low as 10$, you can choose the ideal place that fits your budget!

Hotel, Nilaweli


Experience spices like never before, sea food translated into Sri Lankan fine dining is most highlighted in Nilaveli. You can also get beautiful authentic Sri Lankan dishes at the lowest of prices and you will probably fall in love with this incredible travel destination to Sri Lanka.

Sri lankan crab curry

In conclusion, Nilaveli is a beach paradise you’d definitely want to spend your vacation in! So hurry and book your tickets with Travel Sri Lanka and embark on an adventure in paradise!

Want to take a historical voyage elsewhere? Try Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


Tropical paradise, Arugam bay, Sri Lanka

Sapphire waters hitting the soft sandy beaches and tall palms shading you from the sunny sun that’s perfect for a beautiful tan, resonates the tropical beauty of Arugam bay, Sri Lanka. Renowned as one of the best surf beaches in the world, Arugam bay is the perfect spot for a real tropical adventure! The chill, laid back vibes in addition to amazing food choices make this destination even more special!

Arugam bay

Arugam bay, Sri Lanka.

Weather and Distance to Arugam bay

Arugam bay is beautifully sunlit, with cool breeze sweeping around your hair. Also, it’s one of the best spots in all of Sri Lanka to relax and unwind. In addition to all this, it has a wide range of activities to embark on, not just surfing but wildlife related as well.

The bay is 320 kilometers (200 miles) east of Colombo, the current capital.

Map to Arugam bay

Map from Colombo to Arugam bay.

What to do in Arugam bay

First of all, if you are a water sports freak, Arugam bay is your halcyon! Turquoise waves that carry you with the wind in your hair, surfing is the most popular sport! Doesn’t matter if you’re not so much of a surfer! Have as much as fun! You can go scuba diving and swim with the stunning creatures under the sea. You can also swim with the dolphins and another activity you might be interested in would be whale watching!



  1. Visit Kumana

Kumana is a national park renowned throughout the world for its avifauna as well as endemic species. You can take an adventure to while you are in Arugam bay. Trek the beautiful tropical forests and see the amazing wildlife!

Kumana, Arugambay

Kumana national park. Watch the avifauna.

Elephants at Kumana

Sri Lankan Elephants, Kumuna National park.

  1. Rent a bike

You can rent bikes and ride all around Arugam bay! It’s one of the best experiences to see Sri Lanka lifestyles as well as to ride along the stunning beach sides!


Rent a bike and rise to your fill!

  1. Get a massage

You can relax and unwind with an amazing massage after a tiring day. You can get Sri Lankan therapies as well which is another popular retreat.


  1. Yoga classes

Take a yoga class! There’ll be nothing better than doing yoga by the beach side looking at the waves crashing!


  1. Sunsets.

At the end of the day, observe the beauty of the sunsets.


Where to stay

Arugam bay is home to many five star resorts as well as beach guest houses due to its prominent tourist attraction. Because it promotes accommodating tourists of all sorts of budgets, you can find a great place to stay. With prices ranging from as low as 10 dollars to as high as five-star resorts, you can take your pick!


Bay vista hotel.


Hideaway resort.

Most noteworthy is the food of Arugam bay! With delicious Sri Lankan seafood, there’s a large variety of curries and rice to choose from! Also, it offers a wide range of world cuisines to choose from as well!


Sri Lankan food.

In conclusion, Arugam bay is the perfect vacation spot for you. Book your tickets now and start your escape to the tropical paradise!

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